Back among the living

For those of you who followed Escape from Prometheus web comic and found it suddenly dead, I do humbly apologize.  In late 2013, An upgrade to WordPress killed my Comicpress setup and I simply did not have the time or skill to recover it.  The experience caused me to do some soul searching regarding what I wanted to do with Escape from Prometheus given the time I had to dedicate.  As a result I made the difficult decision to stop presenting Escape from Prometheus as a web comic.  To do a web comic well, pages need to be added at least twice a week to draw a loyal followership.  Anything less was just a waste of time.  I really felt my time was better spent working on the art rather than updating a webcomic that would never obtain critical mass given my page rate submission.

So at least for the time being, this site will be more of a developer’s blog and a site to point folks towards where they can buy the comics.  This may change someday if I find that I have additional time to devote to a webcomic and I have plenty of pages in a backlog to publish regularly.  But for the time being fans will have to make due with the more mundane physical comics or read it digitally at Comixology.

Did I say ‘comics’ as in plural?  Yes!  I have submitted Escape from Prometheus #2 to both Indyplanet and Comixology.  If accepted, the book shall be available within a few months from now.  It will be part 1 of a 3 part story arc entitled “The Emotional Lives of Engineers”.   It was inspired by the title of a book “The Emotional Lives of Animals” which is interesting because animals aren’t beings we often associate emotions with.  In the same way, Engineers are also beings we don’t often associate emotions with but we would be wrong!   The same goes for Shae and Albertron who are engineers by training.  As the title suggests, the story goes into some soul searching themes about the nature of consciousness in people -and- machines as well as love and friendship.  But the story isn’t all mushy and goopy.  There is plenty of action our heroes must face like confronting an AI controlled space elevator who is threatening to plunge it’s human payload to the surface of the planet!  So keep your eye out for the upcoming issue #2.